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This SIMD class helps developers to detect the types of SIMD instruction available on users' processor. It supports Intel and AMD CPUs. It is written in C++.


Available for use in .Net application through C++/CLI wrapper. Now the library supports querying Intel AVX, AES information.

Note: AMD SSE 4a and SSE 5 detection are not tested! Please kindly help me test if you have the AMD processor with these instructions!

// C++
class SIMD
  // Intel SIMD
      bool HasMMX();
      bool HasSSE();
      bool HasSSE2();
      bool HasSSE3();
      bool HasSSSE3();
      bool HasSSE41();
      bool HasSSE42();
      bool HasAES();
      bool HasAVX();
      bool HasMMXplus();
      bool Has3Dnow();
      bool Has3DnowExt();
      bool HasSSE4a();
      bool HasSSE5();

// C#
public class SIMD_Detector
  // Intel SIMD
      bool MMX { get; }
      bool SSE { get; }
      bool SSE2 { get; }
      bool SSE3 { get; }
      bool SSSE3 { get; }
      bool SSE41 { get; }
      bool SSE42 { get; }
      bool AES { get; }
      bool AVX { get; }
      bool MMXplus { get; }
      bool ThreeDnow { get; }
      bool ThreeDnowExt { get; }
      bool SSE4a { get; }
      bool SSE5 { get; }

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